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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> our top stories in a moment but first let's look outside with meteorologist ava marie. >> hey, i know people are looking forward to the sun and we're hoping for it to break out later today. it's been so gloomy since the
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hurricane and the skies are starting to break apart right now. across the state, 44 at b.w.i. marshall, 44 in washington and 41 in oakland. snow in garrett county in the western part of the state so it's colder there right now but we are expecting the forecast to be in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees into the afternoon. you are going to start to see the sunshine break out later this morning, as well. >> reaching for the finish line, mitt romney and president obama continuing their last haul through the battleground states ahead of tuesday's election. >> later today, both candidates will be in ohio, a must-win for both campaigns. here brian mooar with that story from washington.
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>> former president bill clinton may have been losing his voice >> but he has done a good job with a bad hand. >> but in virginia, he spoke up for president obama, trying to soften up a critical swing state. >> we've made real progress, virginia. >> governor romney is trying to hold down iowa, a battleground state where he's fallen behind five points in the latest polls. >> with the vote of the people of iowa, we can't lose. >> the candidates cross paths within hours of each other as they barnstormed iowa and six other toss-up states, making their final arguments in the last weekend of the campaign. the president was joined by musicians john mellencamp and katy perry, and governor romney got a boost from nascar legend, richard petty. >> this is as much as you hear when you're in a nascar race. >> with only two more days of campaigning left, the candidates are just beginning their blitz of the battleground states. governor romney is campaigning later today in pennsylvania. 20 electoral votes that were thought to be in president obama's column, republicans say are now up for grabs.
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brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> new jersey residents displaced by the superstorm will be allowed to vote by email or fax. officials say electronic voting will help alleviate pressure on polling places on tuesday. new jersey will also use military trucks in place of damaged polling areas. officials say electronic voting is also an option for emergency workers. >> maryland voters have been bombarded with ads about ballot question 7 and yesterday a group opposed to expanded gambling embarked on a final push to reach those who may still be on the fence. george lettis has more. >> a bus full of opponents traveled around the state to convince would-be voters to reject adding table games to existing slots casino, and building a sixth casino in prince george's county. >> even if you're for gambling and you love to gamble, this expanded gambling bill to be pushed through by question 7 is bad for the state and bad for maryland.
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>> because, they say, a p.g. county casino will take business and jobs away from the soon-to-be built casino near m&t bank stadium and the expanded revenue is questionable. >> they overestimated what slots would do, they're likely overestimating what expanded gambling would do. it's premature. >> supporters of question 7 have a different view when it comes to follow the money. >> they want marylanders to come to west virginia casinos like theirs, spending $170 million a year. question 7 will keep those dollars at home. question 7 means millions for maryland schools guaranteed. >> the money promises to go into the state's education trust fund but whether or not it will increase how much money the state spends on education is in dispute. >> our education fund is not going to be expanded. it can't be expanded according to law unless they put provisions in the bill to make those changes and they have not
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done that. >> meanwhile, on saturday, leaders of maryland's police and fire unions endorsed question 7. one of those leaders said, "all of us in public safety know we have been struggling with staffing needs in recent years. this is a common sense initiative that will generate additional revenues for our state and prince george's county." under current law, maryland casinos must close at 2:00 a.m. on week nights and 4:00 a.m. on weekends. if question 7 passes, casinos can stay open 24 hours. estimates show that will increase total revenue by nearly $40 million in the next fiscal year. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> prince george's county democrats have chosen a replacement for outgoing delegate tiffany alston. on thursday, it was ruled that alston must be removed from office after being convicted on misdemeanor theft charges. friday night greg hall was nominated to fill the post.
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hall, who ran unsuccessfully for the seat in 2010, still needs to be approved by the governor. >> baltimore city police are investigating a pair of deadly shootings this morning. the most recent happened just before 3:00 p.m. saturday afternoon when police found a 29-year-old man shot multiple times inside a home in the 2900 block of linworth avenue. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on a suspect or motive in a deadly shooting on the 600 block of north lakewood avenue. police arrived to find a 30-year-old man shot in the back. he was rushed to john's hopkins hospital but did not survive. anyone with information on either shooting is asked to call city police. five people are recovering this morning after a three-car collision involving a city police cruiser. police tell 11 news just before 3:00 a.m. on saturday morning a police cruiser was stopped at a traffic signal at south caton avenue and frederick avenue when two vehicles collided, sending one into the cruiser. we are told none of the injuries is life-threatening there's no word if charges will
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still ahead, a question a lot of folks are asking, does the state of emergency count as paid time away from work. an expert will join with us that answer. >> and a single mother's wish is granted. we are there as she receives the keys to her fully furnished home. >> we're watching as cold air sits over the east. no major warm-up any time soon. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.
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well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> good morning. we are starting you off with a live view of ocean city, a view of the board walk. like things are easing along the coast after sandy. most of the benches have been put back in place because at one point the waves were crashing along the wall.
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the sun looks to be shining there where it is 46 degrees. 44 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. chilly today, starting in the 30's and 40's, hoping to warm up close to 50 degrees this afternoon. currently, the skies cloudy but we are starting to see it break apart a little bit, sunny towards ocean city. overall, scattered clouds throughout the day, although it will be dry. the radar showing showers to the south, near norfolk, virginia, moving off the coast. there's another storm we do have to worry about. across the areas, the sun shinig from northern d.c. towards ocean city, everyone else under a thin layer of clouds but the storm
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staying to the south. that's going to move off the coast, then we watch this next storm that will dig down towards the south, developing a coastal low. for today, if you man to be out and about, at least it is going to be dry. a little on the chilly side. scattered clouds and we set back the clocks so the sun will set earlier, at 5:01 this evening. it will get darker quicker than we expect it. 29 to 37 degrees tonight, a freeze watch as you get north and west of the city. you may want to bring the plants indoors if you haven't already. they can be damaged in the cold weather overnight. this is one computer model, the
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european model. it brings one storm off the coast and takes the next one up the coast into midweek and these blue lines are isobars, or lines of pressure. very strong winds in baltimore, towards the coast into wednesday and winds picking up into new jersey and boston into thursday. this is the danger zone, already heavily damaged by sandy so additional rain and wind will not be good for cleanup efforts so we are keeping an eye on that storm. nowhere near the magnitude of sandy but adding fuel to the fire in terms of damage. seven-day forecast, 50 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. tuesday, election day, on the cold side, 48. dress warm if you plan to be out in the lines. wednesday and thursday, there's the rain and the wind and we have to worry about the coast seeing additional erosion. >> nothing like a new home for the holidays and that's what one
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baltimore woman got thanks to warrick dunn charities and habitat for humanity. cleo williams was surprised in brooklyn with a new home of her own, stocked with new decor and furniture and thanksgiving dinner. >> it's gorgeous, truly a blessing. more than i could ever ask for. >> warrick dunn charities home for the holidays program has assisted 118 single parents become first-time homeowners. looks like they are ravens fans. >> the nfl was involved in that. very cool for them. >> stay with us. plenty of news ahead this morning. >> who decides whether or not you get paid during a weather-related shutdown? we will find out next. >>
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>> welcome back, it's 9:17 and time for sunday business report. employees in maryland are struggling with pay and leave issues in the wake of hurricane
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sandy and while last week's storm affected people across the state, many businesses and individuals in the united states are impacted by weather-related emergencies every year. you're here to talk about employers and employees and their responsibilities in situations like this. we had a number of calls to our news desk about folks upset because they were not paid as a result of the storm because they opted to stay home. this is a common story, i'm guessing. >> it's very common in businesses of all sizes. i suppose the one business where you wouldn't have that issue perhaps would be your line of work where the show must always go on, otherwise, employers have decisions to make as to whether they're going to shut down entirely or partially or release employees to stay home or release them early. >> beyond the discussion that goes on internally within a
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business, when the governor says it's a state of emergency, don't get on the roads unless you have to, where does that fall in terms of your responsibility? >> it doesn't necessarily establish a legal requirement that an employer allow employees stay home and doesn't affect whether the employer has a legal obligation to pay employees. >> it's not a blanket float -- note from mom that you don't want have to go. >> it's not a doctor's excuse. >> what's the difference between an hourly and salaried employee in terms of protection? >> the hourly employee is more in jeopardy in terms of losing pay than a salaried management employee because the law makes a distinction in terms of who can be paid. if you're a salaried employee,
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and the employer shuts down for the day, the employer has to pay you. if you're an hourly paid employee, it's up to the employer whether or not you'll be paid so the employer has to make the decision. >> what's the recourse for this? what should you do? >> there might be one exception. if you're an hourly rate employee covered by a union contract, the contracts are often written such that the employee is paid. otherwise, the employee has no legal recourse and depends on the good h -- goodwill of the employer. if you're a sally -- salaried employee and you're not paid, you do have recourse. you can contact the maryland agency that enforces those laws
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that could investigate the situation. what i have found over the years is that usually employers are not so much concerned about their legal obligations but they're sympathetic to employees caught up in the situation who have other problems to deal with as a result of bad weather and last thing they want to do is add to the stress because employees often live paycheck to paycheck so employers will pay the employee for the days they're closed if they can. >> unfortunately we're just not getting into the winter months. thank you for joining us. please stay with us. coming up next, john, carrie and the sunday gardener." >> we have a nice pot of soil. not very interesting. >> but we have secrets buried beneath the soil. >> next spring? >> beautiful. >> what about now? >> we could plant pansies right on top.
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>> we are going
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>> good morning and welcome to the "sunday gardener," i'm john collins along with carrie engel. it's time to talk about bulbs. this is the perfect time of year to get them in the ground. >> it really is. we've had a couple of frosts and the soil is cool so we know they'll be dormant. most of take 12 to 14 weeks. >> we're going to use a container here.
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you have to leave the container out all winter so everything freezes up. it's suggested you don't use ceramic or clay but something plastic that won't crack and destroy. >> or if you do, prepare it in a way that will be ok. i do use ceramic but i watch it. >> or put these in the ground. we're doing it for convenience. >> i love the way it looks in the container. and i plant pansies on top. we will go with daffodils first and most bulbs want to go about four times their diameter deep so we will call that about two inches and we'll go eight inches deep in here and place them evenly pointy side up. >> the roots are down at the bottom and here's a double. >> there you go. get extra there. now i'm going to add soil to that and our next layer is
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hyacinth. hyacinths don't need to be quite as deep. >> how much you want on top? >> at least two or three inches. i think we will be in great shape. >> crowding doesn't matter because the plants will go around the other plants. >> absolutely. let's add our next layer. >> the hyacinth is tall. >> the first two plants, the hyacinth and the daffodil, deer don't like them so if you have them in the yard -- >> they won't invade this area. >> and the squirrels ought to keep out, too. we will add another couple of inches here. >> i would have thought -- we are doing tulips next, right? i would have thought tulips would go before hyacinth. >> it could go either way, just by diameter. >> this is a beautiful red tulip. that's a species variety, they tend to be better about
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over-wintering. >> these aren't very big tall tulips. i can tell, the bigger the bulb, the bigger the plant? >> look for nice firm ones, shot for them like you would onions and you want them relatively free of blemishes so we'll add the rest of the soil we'll use and the last layer, crocus but you could use grape hyacinth, dutch iris, any of what we call the minor bulbs. >> these are minor. >> as much as you still want to plant them pointy side up, i've planted them in the garden before and poured them in the soil. >> scatter them around like planting grass seed. >> very much. i have to check myself on these
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and we'll add enough to top. >> that find a couple of extra spaces here and crowding doesn't hurt. >> it really doesn't. if you keep them in the ground for several years, you want to bring them back up and divide them. >> does that regenerate them? does.really that's about all we need there. as far as fertilizer, that bulb is ready to go. >> the crocus looks like that. >> we did a primary color garden, yellow, blue and red and maybe we will have the surround to look at again in spring. >> it would be nice to keep the labels that come with the package so you remember what you did. >> no feeding this time of year. feed probably in april or early may after they're finished doing their thing and water it in before you set it where you're going to set it. >> because it will get very heavy later. >> if you don't like looking at
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bare soil, you can plant pansies on top. >> full of ideas. beautiful garden. carrie, thanks for joining us. >> if you have a gardening question, send it to sunday gardener, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. >> time right now, 9:29, 44 degrees at b.w.i. how will sandy's damage impact election results? >> homecoming weekend on the campus of mcdaniel college. >> in the weather, we're talking quiet today but active in the week. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.
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well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and...
9:31 am
fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> ava has another look outside and the cold air is here for a while. >> yes, it is stuck in place. i know people are upset that it's gloomy. still the case this morning but we hope it will break apart with sunshine. i can see the sun breaking out from the south. >> is that wishful thinking?
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>> i think it is. clouds hanging over baltimore right now but even annapolis seeing more sun. 47 degrees downtown, 44 at b.w.i. marshall, 42 in catonsville and 40 in columbia. the forecast today, below normal. 49 to 53. normally we should be closer to 60 this time of year. we're seeing scattered clouds in the sky but hoping they break open to sunshine later today. chilly, breezy winds out of the northwest and sun setting at 501 o'clock because of the time change. >> football weather for sure. ravens game today, homecoming weekend at mcdaniel college. it was cold yesterday but the events were warmed up by the dedication of a new stadium. >> deborah weiner has the story. >> mcdaniel college, meet the new kenneth r. gill stadium and kenneth r. gill, himself, an alum who donated more than $2.25 million for the project.
9:33 am
>> it's a good looking facility and we're proud of it. >> gill, and more than 100 individuals and businesses, financed the two-story brick facility. it will feature intercollegiate sports teams and special events. >> you know the ravens used to train here so we wanted to keep up with the big guys and make sure we're doing good things like they are and they've helped us. they're one of our partners and have contributed to this facility. >> football has a rich tradition in westminster. the first football game at the former western maryland college was played in 1891 and today, that love of the game, has a whole new look in an $8 million complex. >> my friends have all said it's amazing. the seniors are jealous of the freshman. because they all say, you got four years of a new stadium, man. it's a great time. >> the stadium keeps its hallmark bowl seating and increases capacity to more than 1400, and there's plenty of room for the drive-in tailgating
9:34 am
here, that landed a sixth in the nation ranking for the pregame sport, a collegiate accolade courtesy of the weather channel two years in a row. deborah weiner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> time now for our sunday morning q&a. the focus is the election. joining us is constitutional law professor at the university of maryland, phillip closhus. maryland it issues early on with early voting but we seem to have pulled out of that. >> the only remaining issue that might be in existence is the eastern shore and maybe western maryland where the turnout might be lower because people can't get to the polls. >> and that could be impactful
9:35 am
for -- >> that area is traditionally republican so if they can't get to the polls, you would expect that the democratic proposals on the ballot would win by higher margins. >> as we go further north to new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and connecticut, and how are those states likely to be impacted because of what's happening with sandy? >> there are two issues, one is how do they collect the votes and the second is how do people get to the polls. i think counting issue has been dealt with but people getting to the polls may be considerably harder. >> there's been talk about making sure that people can fax ballots or they can vote in other ways, so what is the likelihood -- what kind of impact that have? >> electronic voting and faxing would make it easier because
9:36 am
things like the subway system being out in new york would be less of a factor. but again, it just depends on who gets to vote and where. new york, the state, in the north, is more republican so a lower turnout in the city will mean that the electoral votes in new york could change hands. >> and what about postponing the election? >> postponing -- >> is that likely to happen? >> they didn't do it in the civil war or world war ii, so i don't think it's highly likely. the way it is now, it's going off on tuesday. the states have some power but ultimately it goes to conditioning, it's the federal conditioning that would control whether the election would be postponed. they could overrule any decision by a state to postpone it. >> if they're doing emails and
9:37 am
faxing and other provisions, opening up lawsuits? >> we are a letigguous society so i suspect anything is a lawsuit but i don't believe there will be grounds. due process is the only thing that really matters. >> let's talk about the popular vote versus the electoral college. i don't think the american people still understand how this works and on that night we will state has this many and that many. the popular vote, your vote counts because the popular vote is used to help select the electorate. >> there are two different issues. for the house and the senate, the popular vote matters. for the president, the constitutional system in 2012 is the electoral college so constitutionally, the popular vote is insignificant.
9:38 am
the electors are elected by the state so each state theoretically could decide however they wanted to elect the electors. every state in 2012 has decided to let it be by popular vote but the total popular vote for the country doesn't elect the president. it's the electoral college that elects the president. >> even though you've elected the delegates to choose the president, they don't have to do anything that you wanted them to do. >> it's the craziest system mankind has imagined. take maryland, for example. maryland has 10 electoral votes so there's 10 different people who go as electors to conditioning to vote. if obama should win maryland, those electors are told that the state favors obama but the
9:39 am
theoretically all 10 could vote for romney. >> what would be the ramifications for that? nobody says you have to vote the way the people wanted it? >> the ramifications would be for their careers politically after they did that but if they decided to vote for romney and romney got the 270, he'd be president. >> so when we talk about the swing states -- ohio, we're worried about new york -- what are the likely scenarios there? >> i don't think many of them are having issues with the hurricane. so i think they'll be straight regular politics, who wins it. >> in ohio it's too close to call, florida too close to call? >> right. >> we don't have any hanging chads. >> i don't think so. >> with the sandy region, we still have concern. people are not focused on the election. they're worried about water and electricity. >> i think they've got the problem of counting the votes solved but the problem is are
9:40 am
people going to go to the polls. if you have 40% of new jersey still under water on tuesday, that's clearly going to effect turnout. >> and you think it will affect obama more so? >> yes. and in ohio, the issues are in cuyahoga county which is cleveland which is strongly democratic so if you have the states where 20,000 votes would matter, that's where sandy will come into play. >> anything else you want to touch on? >> get out and vote but make it count -- kind of. >> thank you so much. don't go away. more news in a moment but here's a look with what's coming up on "meet the press." >> a special edition of "meet the press." we are live from election day headquarters, democracy plaza in new york as the candidates
9:41 am
barnstorm battleground states trying to close the sale. it could be a photo finish in the end. the president's senior adviser, the architect of his re-election campaign, also, the house majority leader from virginia, eric cantor. plus tom brokaw, savannah guthrie, joe scarborough and we talk about sandy's political impact. the push to election day, our special edition of "meet the press."
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> good morning. we're giving you a live shot of
9:44 am
the skycam looking downtown at the innerharbor. you can see the brighter sky, the sun trying to peek out but hanging on over the city, currently 47 degrees, 44 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall so things are warming up but not too much because of the cloud cover. 47 downtown, only 42 in catonsville, 41 in randallstown. at most, we are expecting highs around 50 degrees because of the cloud cover. notice on the satellite, the white you see in the northern part of the state, the clouds hanging around even more south of of annapolis, south of ocean city. ocean city city enjoying a little bit of sunshine. we're hoping the clouds break apart into the afternoon which would mean more sunshine. i know it's been gloomy the past couple of days and we hope it
9:45 am
gets brighter to wrap up the weekend. a storm system to the southwest is producing clouds over the mid atlantic right now. all the showers staying south so we stay dry today. the storm itself will move offshore, then we worry about this one that could cause problems for the east next week. it will dig down towards the south and we develop as a coastal low into wednesday and thursday. today, things are quiet. hoping for more sunshine into the afternoon but expect scattered clouds, breezy and chilly, winds 5 to 10 miles per hour and highs 49 to 53, 10 degrees below normal. sun setting at 5:01 this afternoon because we are? standard time. forecast tonight, partly cloudy skies, a cold one, colder than this morning. 47 downtown, dropping into the low 30's, stepping into the
9:46 am
suburbs, a freeze watch in effect north and west of the city, something to keep in mind if you have plants growing outdoors, cover them up or bring them inside. here's what we are watching for that coastal storm, the european model. this are many other takes on this but this one takes the storm off shore and the next one out of the plains, digs it south, moves it up the coast and that's what we are worried about here, the stronger winds that could come in wednesday and thursday, rain, as well and the surf could be rough along the coast. these are the same areas impacted by sandy. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. 50 degrees tomorrow, sunshine. tuesday, chilly. wednesday and thursday, the days we have to worry about, rain and wind almost a guarantee but how much will be the question of where that storm progresses.
9:47 am
>> in the 11 news kitchen, chicken pot pies coming up next.
9:48 am
it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message.
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>> welcome back. it's time for sunday brunch. joining us is ben simpkins from
9:50 am
richardson farms. >> we are making chicken pot pie filling and you get to play with the pie dough. chicken pot pie is something we sell a ton of at the farm so i figured i would share the recipe. it's basic stuff you always have in the kitchen -- onions, carrots, celery, green beans, peas if you like, potatoes. one thing that makes it so good is, one, the crust you're going to make and also our rotisserie chicken we put in it. >> that's nice because if you do that at home, you just get one and pull it. >> right and the reason, too, i want to do this meal is with turkey season coming, you'll have leftover turkey so make turkey pot pies and it will hold good, and you can freeze them if you like. >> while you're putting ingredients in there, i want you to talk about the national kidney foundation, a big
9:51 am
fundraiser next week. >> yes, we are and it's something close to me. i'm a transplant patient so when i was asked to do this, i was, like, definitely. >> you received a kidney from your mother? >> yes, from my mom, 15 years ago, thank you, and doing great. so, yeah, this is a great event saturday night, over 600 people. we will have a live band, a steel band, over 30 restaurants. we will definitely be there so it's a great event. >> tickets are $100, still a few tickets available. this is not on the menu there. >> you'll have to come to richardson farms for one of these. >> is this heavy cream? >> that is heavy cream but light, right? >> ok. tell me what to do for the dough. >> add the flour in here. what makes -- add that. that's half butter, half cream cheese. >> whoa. i'm going to scoop it out.
9:52 am
>> make sure the butter and cream cheese is really, really cold and go ahead and get your demands there and mix it up really good. what makes our pie dough so good is i put the cream cheese in it instead of butter so use half butter and half cream cheese and make it into little pebbles. >> and you'll do that over there. we have 30 seconds. >> add our chicken stock, heavy cream. >> how long do you want that to cook together? >> 10 minutes, the potatoes are tender. pepper, salt, fresh sage, come to a boil, thicken with corn starch and fill the pie. >> little pans? >> little pans, crust on top, looks like this and we always have the finished product. >> up front here. >> a little bit of ice cold water. >> absolutely gorgeous. i can hold and mix at the same time.
9:53 am
that is very beautiful. thank you so much, ben! really appreciate it. if you'd like a copy, log on to and chick on food or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. it will take me more than 10 minutes to make this dough, ben. stay with us.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> good morning, happy game day. it feels like it's been so long since the the ravens played, the bye week lingered but they are back at it today in cleveland against the browns. despite the fact that there's nine games left in the season, it's safe to say it's a must-win because they've struggled on the road. last time out it was 43-13. earlier in the year, should have
9:56 am
had the eagles beat but struggled in the second half. trying to figure out what is going on with this team away from m&t bank stadium where they score 17 points fewer per game. they spent the bye week trying to answer that question and one thing they'll try to do is make sure they understand each other a little bit better, maybe simplify things a little bit so communication is not an issue. >> one thing we're not quite as good at on the road as we are at home is being on the same page and it might be any combination. could be in the passing game, could be in protection, could be in the run game. so we are looking at everything from a communication standpoint how we can make sure on the road that we're on the same page. >> checking college football saturday afternoon, navy and florida atlantic, mids trying to get a win to be bowl eligible but f.a.u. coming out strong. touchdown, jonathan wallace, 7-0, owls. navy with keenan reynolds, what
9:57 am
a gem he has been, fourth game since he's been playing and they haven't lost with him at the helm. in to the end zone there, 14-10, third quarter. on fourth and seven, look at him, nice to have a target like, that brandon turner his second touchdown of the game. navy holds off florida atlantic 24-17. navy gets its sixth win of the season and is bowl eligible, they'll be playing december 29 in san francisco against a team from the pac-12. coming up today at 6:00, we'll look at the ravens-browns game and more for you on ravens wrap following sunday night football. we'll see you then. >> it is good football weather for a pot pie. tell us where richardson farms is? >> located at white marsh a mile from the mall. >> chilly the next couple of days, watching for the coastal storm midweek. >> go ravens! so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.
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well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.
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